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How To Properly Store Electronics In A Storage Unit

by Ted Davidson

If you are moving or if you simply do not have room for all the items you own, you will most likely want to rent a storage unit to house your items until you can transport them or make room for them in a new home. If you have electronics that need to be stored, the proper packaging and placement of these items will ensure they are kept safe while in your storage unit. Here are some tips to use when storing electronics in a self storage facility.

Prepare The Items

Before you place your items into packaging for storage, take photographs of them so you have proof of their existence for insurance purposes. Take a picture of any model number or serial number listed on each unit and keep the information with instruction manuals. Take photos of the wiring on electronics while in a usable state. This will help you remember how to properly hook them back up when they are transported from storage to a new home.

Package Appropriately

If you have the original packaging for your electronics, they will be best at protecting them from harm. If the cushioning portion inside the packaging is missing however, any type of sturdy box will suffice for holding the item. Place plenty of packing peanuts around the item after it is placed in the box. If you use original packaging, consider placing it inside an even larger box to help keep the contents from being seen by anyone when you load the items into your unit. They will be less likely to be targeted for theft if no one knows what is inside.

Use packing tape to close boxes so moisture and debris are kept away from delicate components. Package wires in large plastic storage bags and label with the unit they belong to. Place this in the packaging with the piece of equipment before sealing.

Place Strategically

When you put electronics in your unit, it is a good idea to set them on a pallet or similar lifting item so they are not resting upon the floor. This will help protect the electronics from any moisture that may become present on a cement surface should humidity make its way into the unit. It is a good idea to put electronics toward the back of the unit. This way they are less likely to be stolen as most thieves will grab things in the front of a unit and leave quickly because of the fear of being seen.

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