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How To Properly Store Antiques In A Self-Storage Unit

by Ted Davidson

If you have antique items that need to be stored in a self-storage unit, it is important that you get them prepared first and know how to properly store them. If you fail to do it correctly, you might find that those valuable items are ruined by the time you retrieve them. Here are some tips for storing antique furniture, jewelry, and other items.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Before you do anything else, make sure you have a self-storage unit that offers climate control. This is very important with antique items since moisture and heat can both ruin your items. For example, if the storage unit gets too moist, it might lead to mold and mildew, which can ruin wood and fabric items. Wood is also prone to drying out and changing its quality and appearance if it gets too hot in the storage unit. Many storage facilities allow you to choose climate-controlled units, even if you need to pay a little more.

Store Small Antiques in Plastic Bins

While large furniture will need to be covered in a protective cover to reduce pest damage and water damage, smaller items can be placed in large storage bins. If you can keep the antiques in storage bins, the lid will keep out pests like cockroaches, termites, mice, and rats. If there is a storm in the area, water that gets underneath the door of the storage unit will not ruin the wood items. For larger furniture items that don't fit in the bins, at least elevate them to keep them off the ground. Place wood pallets on the floor of the storage unit and put the furniture items on top of them.

Clean and Polish the Antique Items

Before placing the wood antique items in the self-storage unit, prepare them by cleaning them and polishing the wood. The polish not only gives it a nice sheen, but it provides a protective layer over the wood to reduce potential damage. For antique clothing and fabrics, wash them before storing them in storage bins or garment bags. Take any antique jewelry you have and place them in a container that has anti-tarnish sheets. Earrings can be placed on earring pads. Necklaces should be in individual jewelry bags so they don't tangle together.

As long as you follow these easy tips, your antique items will be well protected. Remember to cover as any antique items as you can and keep them off the ground of the storage unit. Units not on the first floor are often preferred as you won't get water damage from storms and less pests. For more information, contact companies like Chestnut Mill Storage.