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Three Scenarios In Which A Short-Term Storage Unit Rental Can Be Helpful

by Ted Davidson

When it comes to renting a unit at a self-storage facility to store your possessions, using the space indefinitely as a strategy that many customers adopt. However, this isn't the only way to proceed. If you have short-term needs for storage, many facilities can accommodate you whether you need just a single month to store your items or could benefit from even less time. Being able to relocate some of your things to a new home for just a short amount of time can help you in a variety of scenarios. Here are three such times in which the short-term rental of a storage unit is ideal.

Home Staging

Many people who sell their homes rely on the services of a professional stager to increase the aesthetic appeal of the living space. If you've decided to go this route, one of your chief priorities is to move some of your pieces of furniture and décor items out of their respective rooms; given the nature of the situation, it's not practical to pile these items in your garage or basement and it's not overly courteous to move them to a family member's basement, either. A storage facility provides the perfect venue for your possessions and you can use the space for a short time it takes for your staged home to sell.

Student Moving Home For The Summer

If you're a student who has had his or her own apartment while in college but is planning to move home for the summer, the last thing you want is to transport all your possessions back home with you, only to take them back to school in the fall. Given that you won't want to keep your apartment rental solely for the purpose of storing your items, it's ideal to find a storage business near where you live and temporarily relocate everything there. This way, when you head back to the city in the fall and find a new place to live, all your possessions will be nearby.

Major Renovation Project

When you're getting ready for a home renovation, it's ideal to clear all the items out of the affected rooms. Doing so not only provides more room for you or your contractor but also reduces the risk of anything getting damaged. A storage unit is the perfect short-term home for these items and they'll be ready to move back into your home as soon as the renovation is wrapped up.