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4 Warehouse Storage Tips For Small Business Owners

by Ted Davidson

If you own a small business and have a warehouse where you store your products, it is vital that you keep your warehouse organized. You need to be able to find products when a customer stops by to pick up an item, and you need an organized warehouse to ensure that your deliveries go out on time. Here are four tips to help you keep your warehouse more organized this year. 

Don't Stack Your Pallets Too High

Just because you have a high ceiling does not mean that you should stack your pallets and products all the way to the top. Stacking your products to high can be dangerous for your products and your employees. If anything falls over, you'll have to deal with possibly damaged product and hurt employees. 

Instead, purchase some pallet shelving, and keep each shelve under the weight limit.  Use a forklift to move your pallets around. Try to keep the products that your employees need to access most frequently close to the ground, so it is easy for them to access. 

Label Your Entire Warehouse

Keep your warehouse organized by labeling everything. Label each aisle in your warehouse. Invest in hanging signs so that it is easy for your employees to navigate your warehouse. Beyond that, label the spots on each shelve so you know exactly where everything goes.

The more labels you use, the easier it will be for you and your employees to find what they need and to know where to put things away at. Your warehouse will be more organized once you label all the aisles and shelves. 

Arrange By Category

To make your label system more efficient, don't arrange things by product, arrange them by category. For example, if you sold beverages, you would want to keep all the water together, all the teas together and all the sodas together. Arrange by category, then arrange byproducts within those categories. Doing this will help the flow of your warehouse and will make it easier for your employees to figure out where things go and to figure out where a product they need may be located. 

Keep High Selling Products Up Front

Keep the products that you sell the most of in the front of your warehouse. This will make it easier for your employees to grab these products and give them to customers or pack them up for delivery. Keeping these products up-front will also reduce the time it takes for your employees to access these items, which will increase your efficiency. 

Keep your small business warehouse working efficiently by keeping your warehouse well organized and labeled. Start implementing the tips above in your warehouse this week.