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Equipment Manager: How To Keep A Sports Team Storage In Order

by Ted Davidson

If you are on an independent sports team, you will find out that managing your own team can be difficult. Whereas professional sports teams can afford a management team, touring buses, and people to run all of the ins and outs off of the field, independent teams will need to work together to stay organized. Your individual sports team will need a place to store all of the equipment so that it can be secure and always together. Storing in a storage facility in your hometown is the best way to make sure that the equipment is available for all group members in a central location. Here are some ways to keep the equipment in order for long-term use.

Pick a 24-hour access facility

Whether you have away or home games, chances are, the team will have to prepare early in the morning. For ease of access, find storage units in your hometown that allows customers 24-hour access to their belongings. This way you will not have to wait for the company to open before you get the materials.

Set up a storage organizer

While it can be tempting to just throw items into the storage unit after a long day, the best way to keep equipment in good condition is to set up an organizer inside of the storage unit. On the organizer, label the shelves or cabinets where various things belong for ease when selecting items. Make sure to take count of all of the items to ensure that nothing is missing before locking the storage unit for the day.

Have a lock key checkout

Select one person to be in charge of the lock for the storage facility. Anytime a person needs to enter the facility, they should have to sign the key out from this person and return it when they are finished using it. This person should also keep a separate key in the event that the first key is lost. If at all possible, have the designated key holder go with a team member to the storage facility each time. This will institute accountability in the event of lost or missing equipment.

Keep an accountability sheet

Hang a clipboard next to the door inside of the storage unit. On the clipboard have people sign their name and state what they came to the unit to retrieve or put back. The clipboard will help keep proper count of items and who may have a missing item. At the beginning and end of each season, make sure all equipment is accounted for and in good condition so that the team can concentrate on honing their skills instead of acquiring new equipment.

For more information about what storage options are right for your team, contact a local storage unit, such as Glenbrook Self Storage.