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Store Your Electronics In A Storage Unit Safely

by Ted Davidson

When you have to put electronics in storage for a while, there are several things to consider to ensure they come out of storage in the same condition that they went in. Below, you will find a list of things to consider before you put your electronics in storage.

Choose the Facility Carefully

Before signing a lease and transporting all of your stuff to the storage unit, ask for a tour of the facility and to be shown the exact unit that you will be leasing. Three things to consider before leasing the unit are:

  1. How secure is the facility? Are there security cameras in place? Is the area well lit? Can anyone come in and out or do you have to enter a security code to enter the grounds?
  2. Is there any signs of moisture damage to the unit? Look for rust and mold along the bottoms of the walls.
  3. Is there shelving included in the unit? Are shelving units available for rent?
  4. Are you able to access the unit 24 hours a day or do you have to come during normal business hours?

Prepare and Pack the Electronics

The manner in which you prepare and pack the electronics will make a huge difference in the condition they are in when they come back out of storage.

  1. Back up all computer data on external hard drives, cloud storage sites or onto disks. You want to maintain copies of the data outside of the unit to ensure that the data isn't lost if something should happen to the storage unit.
  2. If your electronics have password protection features, enable them and set the password to something difficult to crack. If someone was to break into the unit and steal your stuff, you want it to be as difficult for them to benefit from the theft as possible and protect the information stored on the devices.
  3. Remove all of the batteries from each and every device. This will protect the device from becoming damaged if the battery should leak or malfunction.
  4. Take off and remove any cords that can safely be removed. Wrap them up, label them and store them in a plastic bin. This will protect them from being damaged or chewed by rodents.

Placement in Storage

The way that you pack the storage unit will also play an important role in the condition of your electronics when you reclaim them.

  1. Store everything at least 6" off of the ground. This will protect the gadgets from absorbing any moisture that may seep in through the concrete.
  2. Cover everything up with cotton sheets instead of plastic sheets. The cotton sheets will protect everything from dust but it won't trap the moisture inside and damage the internal components.
  3. Keep all heavy objects on the lower shelves. Putting heavy objects up high can cause shelving units to become top-heavy and fall over.

Take your time to find the right storage unit, prepare and pack your electronics and store them properly and they will remain in the same condition during their stay in the storage unit.