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Five Advantages Self-Storage Units Can Bring to Your Small Business

by Ted Davidson

Self-storage units aren't just for making some extra space around a home, apartment, or townhouse. They're also great for acquiring some extra space to store supplies and equipment for your small business. 

If you're running a small business and you routinely face difficulties storing items you need to keep your business running, a self-storage unit might solve your problem. The following are five big advantages that self-storage units offer to small business owners:

Invest less in your on-site facilities

When you have a self-storage unit at your disposal, you don't need as much space at your actual business location. This can allow you to opt for a smaller and more affordable facility with lower rent or a lower sales price. 

Do a cost comparison and you may find that you'll save a great deal of money by relegating storage to a self-storage facility rather than on-site at your place of business. 

Avoid clutter in customer-facing areas

If your place of business looks disorganized, it can cause problems when you're dealing with customers. With a self-storage unit, you can streamline the appearance of your customer-facing areas and create a professional and convenient environment without any obstacles or distractions.

Have more supplies on hand

Regardless of your industry, it's possible for you to lose business if you don't have enough supplies on hand. 

A self-storage unit can allow you to have emergency supplies on hand if you begin getting way more business than expected all of a sudden. While your competitors might not have the supplies to handle the added work, you'll be able to stay on top of things thanks to your spacious storage resources and large inventory of product and materials. 

Be prepared for the busy season

Depending on your industry, you may have a particular time of year when business far outstrips typical demand for your products and/or services.

Those operating in seasonal-type industries are especially likely to benefit from a self-storage unit, because much of their inventory and/or supplies are not needed during the majority of the year. With a self-storage unit, you can conveniently keep your overflow supplies out of the way until they're needed during your busy season. 

Do your organizing when you have time for it

If you store all of your materials and supplies on-site, then you have to keep them constantly organized to maintain appearances at your place of business.

On the other hand, you can delay organizing tasks until you have time if you keep things stored off-site at a self-storage facility. Get in touch with a representative from a facility like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc to get started.