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Use A Storage Unit For Your Scout Troop

by Ted Davidson

Leading a scout troop can be a very fulfilling volunteer opportunity, but it can also put a major cramp on your space. What with camping and event gear, it may seem like you need a second garage to house everything. The good news is you can easily rent one at a local storage facility. The following tips can help you make the most of this space so it provides the best benefit for your troop.

Tip #1: Inquire about discounts

Most scouting units are non-profit enterprises. At the very least, this generally means that you are exempt from sales taxes, so you won't need to pay any of these if it is applicable to your unit. You may also want to bring up your non-profit status and the fact that you are a scouting unit to the property owner, as they may be willing to cut you a discount on the monthly fee if they are supporters of the scouting movement.

Tip #2: Set Up the Storage Unit

Chances are you won't be the only one accessing storage, so it's vital to set up an organized system from the beginning. How you organize depends on your troop's needs. For example, if your troop is further divided into several patrols, you may want to have it sectioned off by patrol number or name. You can do this by marking the floor with lines of masking tape. Remember to make one section for shared goods. Then, write the patrol name on the masking tape for their section. Finally, supply a shelf or lay a pallet on the floor for each area so items that can suffer from moisture damage can be elevated above the concrete.

Tip #3: Utilize Bins

You are probably familiar with patrol bins – the boxes where each scouting troop or patrol keeps their kitchen and camping gear. It's best to make sure these are stored in plastic tubs. Otherwise, any food or grease residue may attract pests. If you don't opt for plastic bins, it is vital to make sure the scouts thoroughly clean and dry their patrol bin gear before placing it into the storage unit. You may also want to check with the facility management to see if you can spray for pests inside your unit.

Tip #4: Make Access Simple

Even as an active scout master, there are times when you may not be able to access the storage unit but your troop needs to go on a trip. For this reason, make sure multiple people have access. Generally, any assistant scout masters should have the keys and access codes for the unit, along with any other important adults, such as the parent committee leader. When someone leaves the troop, make sure that you change the locks or at a minimum, collect the old key. Give each person with access a tour of the unit so they can understand how it is organized so it's easy to find necessary items when you aren't available.

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