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Storage Tips That Make The Process Easier

by Ted Davidson

If you are moving your things in storage, the way you pack everything can make a big difference in how easy it is for you to get at things in the unit and how many of your things are still in good condition when you take them out. Below, you will find a few tips and tricks you can use to make the packing, storing and unpacking processes a lot easier on you.

Tips for packing up your items

Packing room by room makes it a lot easier for you to pack without a lot of confusion. Your house will stay in better shape and you'll find that items don't get tossed throughout the house where they will end up getting put into boxes that don't make sense. Start with the least used rooms and work your way to the everyday use ones.

Have one room designated as the box room and place packed boxes into that room. This will keep you from stumbling over a bunch of boxes while you are trying to pack more and get prepared for moving day.

Write down everything that goes into each box and give each of those boxes a dedicated number. Write that same number on the associated box. You can use this chart at any time in the future to find an item by matching the item to the box number.

Tips for storing your items

When you put your items into the unit, you want to begin by lining the back walls with the largest items possible and the ones you will more than likely not be needing access to. Generally, these will be your appliances and pieces of furniture.

When you put your boxes into the unit, line them up so they create aisles with spaces between them that leave you enough room to walk through. If you need to get something out of the unit, you can simply move freely between the aisles to get to the box, instead of needing to pull dozens of boxes out just to get at one.

Tips for unpacking your items

When you unpack your storage and move it into your new home, you should follow your chart and move each box into the room they are going to stay in. Don't start unpacking anything until all the boxes are in the house.

Unpack one box at a time, break the box down and put it away. This will help you to keep your new place from becoming a mess you will have to deal with long after the boxes are unpacked. Following these tips makes storing and unpacking easier. Click here to read more.