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Storage Safety Tips While Out Of The Country

by Ted Davidson

If you are going on a trip for long period of time, you might need to utilize a storage facility in order to keep household items safe. Since you won't be down the street from your things, certain safety precautions should be taken into account. Here are four self storage safety tips to help keep your storage items safe while you are out of the country.

1. Back up Emergency Contact

If you will be travelling to a location where you might not be immediately reachable but phone or email, it is important that you have an alternate emergency contact. In case there are emergencies such as break-ins or accidents such as flooding or freezing, it is important to have a trusted individual that can come to your storage unit's aid. Be sure to leave keys and instructions with a friend or family member that can be your backup.

2. Pick a Secure Storage Facility

While accidents can always happen, the best storage facilities will offer security features to help minimize risks. If you can find a storage facility with 24-hour security, this can help, but picking a location that is always bustling can be helpful as well. Thieves might try to seek out units that aren't accessed often, but if there are other individuals are always around, they won't have a chance to break in.

3. Pack Items Well

Depending on how long you will be out of the country, your storage items should be packed safely and securely. Boxes will settle over time so plastic boxes might be a better option than cardboard moving boxes. If you can wrap furnishings in plastic, this can keep moisture and inclement weather from damaging your items as well.

4. Rethink Items of Value

While you might want to put as many of your personal belongings in storage as possible, make sure to assess items of value. You will need to decide if it is worth leaving items of value or importance in a storage unit. If you can leave family heirlooms and other valuables with friends or family, you can put most things in storage and keep choice items in a different place while you are away.

The last thing you want to worry about while you are away on a longer trip is whether or not your personal belongings are safe back home. By taking a few initial precautions when it comes to self storage options and facilities, you can have peace of mind while traveling. For more information, contact a company like Guardian Self Storage.