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Has Your Cat Recently Passed Away? Put Their Things In Storage Until You Bring Another Cat Home

by Ted Davidson

Cats and dogs make great pets, but it is always a little sad knowing their lifespan is not as long as humans. Having a loved family member pass away is never easy, so a lengthy mourning period is more than understandable. You might not feel comfortable with getting another cat right away, but you may not want to have everything of theirs inside the house while you cope with them not being around anymore. It is a good idea to put their items into a storage unit until you are ready to bring another cat home.

Food and Water Bowls 

It might seem easy to put food and water bowls away, but it is important to give them a deep cleaning. Tiny food particles can get stuck in the lips or underneath the bowls where you may not notice. If you can, you should take the bowls through a run in the dishwasher to get rid of all dirtiness. If the bowls are not dishwasher-safe or you do not have one, you can soak them in hot, soapy water for cleaning followed by a scrubbing. Make sure to let each bowl dry completely before stacking them to avoid any moisture buildup. This will prevent the food and water bowls from developing mold while you have them in storage.

Feline Furniture

One tricky thing to store is cat furniture. Scratchers, beds, and trees are the most common items. It might seem fine to vacuum each piece and then throw them right into storage, but this can have problems. A thorough cleaning is extensive, but it will keep your furniture in good condition until you pick it up. Start with vacuuming to pick up loose hair, catnip, litter chunks, and other small particles. Then, work on the stains before they get worse while inside storage by using cat shampoo which you may already have. Deep cleaning is crucial to prevent food particles that may have been stuck from attracting pests.

Cat Toys

This is the time to part ways with some of your cat's toys. Anything that has substantial damage should be tossed, especially if the toys cannot be washed. Damaged feathers should go in the trash, and any toy that uses Velcro to keep catnip inside may not handle a thorough washing and still work effectively. This is because the Velcro can lose its sticky power after being exposed to numerous runs with a washer and dryer. For resilient toys, just toss them in the washing machine and dryer to get them clean. For plastic ones, you can put them in your dishwasher to make sure they get a sanitary cleaning.

Following these tips on storing your cat-related things will keep everything in working condition until you are ready to add another member to the family, regardless of whether it takes months or years.