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3 Ways To Safely Store Batteries In A Personal Storage Unit

by Ted Davidson

When you're moving home or are looking for extra space for storing your batteries and other items, a self-storage unit can be a perfect option to consider. The type of battery you would want to store in your storage unit is the heavy-duty ones used in cars and standby power options when the grid system fails. 

Since batteries have chemicals that can be hazardous, some storage facilities service providers may not allow storage of batteries in their storage units. However, others allow for battery storage and leave it open to you, provided you follow the right storage procedures. Here are some of the ways to safely store your battery in a personal storage unit.

Remove Rechargeable Batteries From Your Devices

If you intend to store rechargeable batteries, then it is advisable to remove them from the devices they're in and store them separately. Since you won't be using the devices for a long time while in storage, removing the battery from the device while in storage will help prolong your battery life.

The batteries drain faster when they sit in a device without being used for a long time. Furthermore, these batteries could leak on your devices or corrode while on the device and damage them. 

Keep the Batteries Cool and Dry

Temperature fluctuations directly impact the performance and survival of your battery, whether when in storage or when using it out in your car. Higher external temperatures are dangerous for your battery and could cause them to explode. 

Your storage unit should be in a cooler area or have temperature regulation capabilities for the safety of your battery when in storage. The specific space where you place your battery should be dry and a little raised from the ground. Keeping your battery dry helps to prevent corrosion and leakages. 

Keep Checking Your Battery While in Self-Storage

It's not enough to maintain the best conditions for your battery when packing it for storage and leave it at that. You should create some time to check your battery when in storage. Doing this is important as it will help identify problems with the battery and rectify them before things get out of hand.

During your occasional visits, you can always charge the battery once in a while to top it up, so it doesn't entirely run out of charge. Ensure you check the temperature of your storage unit all through to ensure it's constant throughout the storage period.

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