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How To Use A Self Storage Unit To Help Stage Your Home

by Ted Davidson

If you're interested in selling your home and have decided to continue living in it while your house is on the market, you should stage your home to garner interest in prospective buyers. To stage your home, you'll want to remove everything that personalizes the home as yours and keep only the bare minimum in furnishings and decorations.

Doing this allows potential buyers to visualize the home as theirs. So how do you stage a home that you'll continue living in? Utilize a self-storage unit. Here's how.

Declutter Everything & Every Nook & Cranny

Essentially, staging a home and decluttering can be considered one and the same. Do a massive decluttering of your home. Keep only the essential furnishings in your home while removing family portraits and memorabilia from your walls and shelves. Also, declutter every drawer and closet in your home because potential buyers often want to see the size of the closets and how much space there is in drawers. Keep as few items and articles of clothing and shoes as you can in your closets and as few kitchen items as you need in your kitchen drawers.

Label & Store Boxes Based On Need

As you declutter, box items up to place into the self-storage unit all while keeping in mind where and when you'll be needing each particular item in the future. For example, if you live in a location where the temperature changes greatly from one season to the next, you'll want to box clothing and items according to season so you can easily find the clothing and essentials you need later after you've sold the house and move into your next home. All the kitchen items that you decluttered from the drawers and cabinets should be placed in boxes and located near the entrance of your storage unit for easy accessibility. 

Use a Garment Rack In Your Storage Unit

Since you'll keep your clothing in your home at the bare minimum, set up a garment rack in your storage unit to keep more clothing that you may need while your house is up for sale. Inside the garment rack, install a hanging shelf closet organizer to keep folded articles of clothing such as sweaters. Position the garment rack at or near the entrance of the self-storage unit so you can easily grab clothing and shoes as you need them. 

For more information on self-storage units and what they can provide, contact a company near you.