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3 Ways Your Small Business Can Utilize Self Storage Spaces

by Ted Davidson

Self-storage spaces come with plenty of advantages for individuals, and they're helpful for a range of purposes. However, self-storage units can also benefit small business owners. If you run a relatively small company or even work out of your home, a self-storage unit may be the perfect solution to streamline your operations.

While there's no limit to how you can use a self-storage unit for your business, this article will discuss three typical options for small business owners that need a little more breathing room.

1. Sensitive Document Storage

Anyone who runs a business that deals with sensitive information knows that paper documentation is far from dead. Even one-person companies can accumulate a surprising amount of critical paperwork, ranging from tax documents to customer details. While you may need some of this information on hand at all times, other paperwork may see usage far less frequently.

A self-storage unit is an excellent option for dealing with these long-term records that you need to keep but don't necessarily need to reference at all times. Many storage units offer a high level of security, ensuring that your sensitive documentation stays safe at all times. In many cases, this approach can be more secure and reliable than keeping these papers in your office or home.

2. Office Equipment Downsizing

Many companies are now making remote work a permanent part of doing business. If you're downsizing your office space because some of your employees are staying home, you might not want to keep as much equipment in your physical office. Of course, selling this equipment may not be practical, or you may have plans to use it again as your business expands.

A self-storage unit is a cost-effective way to keep this equipment on hand without cluttering up the space used by employees that still work in person. When you're ready to bring more people back into the office, your equipment will be safe and prepared for use again.

3. Inventory Space for Home Businesses

If you run a small business from your home, storing extra inventory may be impractical and frustrating for other members of your family. Of course, many small business owners that sell goods online don't hold nearly enough stock to make a large-scale warehouse practical. In these cases, a self-storage unit can fill in the gap between cluttering your home and leasing a massive warehouse.

Even if you don't keep a lot of stock on hand, you shouldn't ignore the advantages of renting a small storage space. By keeping your extra inventory in one convenient location, you can free up space in your home for the products you're more likely to need on hand for immediate shipping. By taking this approach, you can streamline your operations while freeing up space in your house.