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When To Choose A Climate-Controlled Storage Facility For Your Belongings

by Ted Davidson

If you want to put your household items in storage, you must decide if you need a climate-controlled storage facility. Your belongings don't always need climate control, but if you're not sure, it doesn't hurt to have it.

On the other hand, if you need climate control and don't get it, your belongings might be ruined when you get them out of storage. Here's a look at the difference between a climate-controlled storage facility and a non-climate controlled facility, and how to know which type to choose.

How A Climate-Controlled Storage Facility Works

A climate-controlled storage unit isn't necessarily always the same temperature. Instead, the temperature is kept above freezing and low enough that your things won't suffer heat damage. When the temperature is controlled, humidity is often controlled too since air conditioning helps lower humidity. Climate-controlled storage units are usually indoor units. This means your belongings are better protected from the weather, bugs, and theft.

A facility that doesn't have climate control usually has outdoor storage units. While these are convenient because you can drive right up to the door, you might have problems with the unit being too hot, too cold, and too humid. Plus, security could be a bigger issue, and you might even have to battle bugs and mice that are looking for a warm place to hide in the winter.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Storage Unit

One thing to consider is the outdoor weather during the season you'll have your things in storage. If it's winter and below freezing temperatures are common in your area, then you may want climate control unless the things you have in storage aren't very valuable or they won't be harmed by freezing temperatures.

If your things will be in storage during the summer when humidity is high, you may want climate control to protect metal items from rusting and to prevent mildew and mold. When you're deciding if a climate-controlled storage facility is worth the extra cost, think about what items you'll have in storage and how they respond to temperature and humidity extremes.

Wood, metal, fabrics, paintings, paper documents, musical instruments, and electronics need climate control to prevent damage. If you'll be keeping these items in storage for very long, climate control is usually a good idea. An outdoor storage unit that has no climate control is similar to keeping your belongings in an outdoor shed or garage.

If you'll be storing most of your household goods, you'll probably have many things you wouldn't put in a shed, so if something needs special care, or if you buy high-quality furnishings, then spending more on climate control is worth it.

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