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4 Tips For New Self-Storage Facility Members To Try

by Ted Davidson

Storage units can be amazingly helpful, but if you've never used one before, you might not be sure what to do. Fortunately, self-storage facilities are easy to use. For more information, read these four tips that new storage facility members can try for a quick and easy start:

1. Find out if you need your own lock or if one will be provided.

Self-storage units provide a safe and private place for people to store their hobby supplies, clothes, valuables, tools, and many other items. However, in order to keep your things safe while they're in storage, you'll need to make sure that your storage unit is locked. Some storage units come with locks pre-installed, which allows new tenants to move their things in right away. Other storage facilities request that patrons supply their own combination locks or padlocks. Before signing a contract, you should find out whether or not you'll need to purchase a lock of your own.

2. Take advantage of move-in deals.

Many people pride themselves on getting good deals. Luckily, you can find some great deals when renting a storage unit. Some storage facilities offer move-in deals for new customers, allowing them to purchase their first few months at a discount. Taking advantage of these discounts can help you save money and make renting a storage unit even more affordable.

3. Inform yourself about the storage facility's rules.

Storage facilities allow people to store almost anything they can think of. However, there are some rules put in place to keep you and everyone else safe. For example, most storage facilities do not allow tenants to store flammable or hazardous materials in their storage units. Breaking this rule can put your tenancy at the storage facility at risk or even make you liable for a fine. Have an easy and hassle-free experience at your storage facility by learning about the rules beforehand.

4. Give yourself room to grow.

It's easy to accumulate more stuff as time goes by. Impulse buys, gifts, and new hobbies can all cause your belongings to increase. You can avoid running out of room in your storage unit by renting a size that's larger than you think you need. Having some extra space will make it easy to move around in your storage unit, while also giving you room to store additional items in the future. Thinking ahead will save you the trouble of having to move into a bigger storage unit after several months have passed.