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Clever, Ingenius Ways To Store Your Kid's Stuffed Animals

by Ted Davidson

Children rely on their stuffed animals for entertainment and comfort. As a parent, stuffed animals are more of a nuisance that often winds up on the floor, in your child's bed, or stuffed into an overpriced toy box. Luckily, several other options are available to hold and even hide your child's favorite stuffed animals and most won't break the bank.

Try out these simple tricks and tips to store your child's prized stuffed animals. 

Stuffed Animal Hammocks

Ideally, you want storage that is both functional and attractive. The hammock is smaller, ornate, and designed to house stuffed animals by attaching the hammock to the corner of your child's bedroom. Hammocks are available in several sizes and colors, and you can attach string lights for some added decorative appeal.

If your child has several stuffed animals, you can hang multiple hammocks in all four corners of the bedroom.

Empty Bean Bag

Want a fun way to add extra seating to your child's room while concealing their stuffed animals? Instead of filling an empty bean bag chair with stuffing or small Styrofoam balls, fill the chair with stuffed animals. You will be amazed at how many stuffed animals can fit into even a small bean bag chair. Once again, multiple empty bags are a great way to store a large collection.

Shelving and Clear Bins

Instead of using hanging wall shelves to store and display pictures or books, think outside the box and use the shelving to store stuffed animals. Like hammocks, you can hang multiple shelves on the wall. Storing the stuffed animals on the wall will also clear up precious floor space.

Using clear bins is a great way for your child to quickly identify their toys, as well.

Under-Bed Storage Solutions 

If your walls and closet are filled with toys and you are running out of room, utilize the last remaining unutilized floor space available: Under the bed. Several manufacturers offer different sizes of under-bed storage solutions. For example, there are clear plastic bins or you could choose softer fabric bins.

Worried that your child won't be able to find their favorite stuffed animals in their under-bed storage? Divide all the stuffed animals by color, variety, or size and store each category separately in bins. Label each bin accordingly, which will make hunting down your child's favorite stuffed animal much easier.

From hammocks to bean bag chairs, there are several fun and clever ways to house and hide your child's stuffed animals.

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